• We are a family business with the aim to cook and deliver traditional, home-made-quality Vietnamese food. We have noticed an increasing demand for Vietnamese cuisine; and thus would like to fulfill this with the very best.

  • Vietnamese food is admired around the world especially for freshness of all the ingredients, using a minimum amount of oil and the use of vegetables and herbs. Therefore, Vietnamese cuisine is often considered as one of the healthiest in the world.
  • The most common meat used is pork, beef, chicken and also various types of seafood. Regular ingredients include various types of sauces, including fish and soy. As a side dish we offer rice and various kinds of noodles.
  • In our restaurant you can also enjoy free WIFI connection as well as watch one of the 80 different channels.

  • Possibility of take-away. Posssibility of payment in cash and meal vouchers from Sodexo and Ticket Restaurant.

  • We look forward to your visit!